Surmang Kagyu Order

    cottage and prayer flags The Surmang Kagyu Order is a ngakpa order founded by Tashi Armstrong to establish a means for people to both enter and follow to fruition the Kagyu, Nyingma and Shambhala path Chogyam Trungpa Rinpoche and the Vajra Regent developed for their western students.


    What does becoming a member entail?

    Becoming a member of the Surmang Kagyu Order entails  making a commitment to the  path Trungpa Rinpoche established for his students.  Members progressively engage the Three Yana journey and take part in residential training at the Dzogchen Meditation Center several times during the course of the year.  

    Prospective members are asked to engage in several preliminary retreats before becoming members. 

    1.)   A student must engage in a one month Dathun.

    2.)  He or She must commit to working with a Meditation Instructor in the Order.

    3.)  One must complete a 10 day solitary Shamatha/Vipashyana retreat

    4.) Prospective students meet with  Senior Instructors during a weekend intensive  and request Entrance into the Order.

    5.) They must commit to doing two intensives at DMC per year.

    6.)  Members are expected to commit to completion of a three month seminary work/study retreat where they will potentially receive preliminary vajrayana transmission.  And begin the kagyu ngondro practices.


    As a member of the Surmang Kagyu Order students receive discounts on retreats at the Center. Upon acceptance into the Order students receive their Oryoki Bowls and Robes signifying their membership in the Surmang Kagyu Order.

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