Session 4: Shamatha/Vipashyana followed by Closing Chants

    Audio recording for home practice is a 30 minute session of shamatha/vipashyana meditation followed by the closing chants.



    O Jetsun Guru Rinpoche,

    Refuge of all beings in the three realms,

    Consider your vow.

    Dispel outer, inner, and secret obstacles.

    When the pure four truths are propagated,

    If misfortunes of malicious maras arise,

    O Guru Shakya Senge,

    Dispel outer, inner, and secret obstacles.

    When the bodhichitta path of aspiring and entering is propagated,

    If there arise misfortunes of maras causing one to harm others,

    O Guru Loden Choksi,

    Dispel outer, inner, and secret obstacles.

    When the chariot of vajrayana

    Is brought into the world,

    If the perverted aspirations of barbarians run rampant,

    O Guru Dorje Trolo,

    Dispel outer, inner, and secret obstacles.

    When the three yanas of the excellent Great Eastern Sun

    Are propagated and established,

    If mara-hordes of gyalgongs and senmos gather,

    O Guru Senge Dradrok,

    Just as at Hepo Hill at glorious Samye

    You bound by oath devas and rakshasas,

    So utterly destroy these obstacles of maras.

    Consider well your former vow of compassion.

    Destroy outer, inner, and secret obstacles.

    Dispel the dons who bring darkness to the world.

    O Mahaguru, compassionate one,

    There is no other hope but you.

    Please issue your command to the ocean of dharmapalas

    So they will destroy all obstacles without exception.



    Indestructible, eternal, self-existing dharmakãya,

    Arising in the form of the miraculous rupakãya,

    Karmapa, may your three secrets remain in the vajra nature,

    And may the splendor of your limitless, spontaneous buddha activity blaze.


    A Supplication to the supreme Vidyadhara, Chokyi Gyatso, the Eleventh Trungpa


     From the ungraspable realm of space, the dharmakaya

    The wondrous appearance of translucent joy emerges as the splendid sambhogakaya

    With proclamations of victory, the golden rain of compassion, the

    nirmanakaya, benefits all beings

    I prostrate to the root of blessings, the king of illusion, the father guru,

    Chokyi Gyatso

    May our minds be inseparable, like water poured into water.

    Pervading all of this visible world

    You turned the desert of samsara into the celestial realm

    Making life enjoyable for all is your great teaching

                            Never abandoning the pristine awareness of Buddha mind

    You wielded the sword of ultimate Ashe

    I prostrate to the nirmanakaya, the warrior of warriors

    May our minds be inseparable, like water poured into water.

    The treacherous mountain pass is filled with danger

    However, the highest point is the best possible route
    Although for us now it seems monumental and incomprehensible

    Your teaching provides the most accurate description of the way

    I prostrate to the true guide, the kalyanamitra

    May our minds be inseparable, like water poured into water.

    The tantrikas

    Those who practice virtue

    Meditators who begin at the beginning

    And all the devotees of dharma

    The beings of the six realms, high and low

    Those who have and those who are lacking

    The supremely intelligent, the mediocre, and the stupid

    Those who are fortunate and those who are not

    All of these you have taught without exception
    This is the true vajrayana

    I prostrate to the master of dharma, the king of language

    May our minds be inseparable, like water poured into water.

    The sun in the morning sky

    The billions of stars that form a canopy at night

    The moon of awareness that reflects the true meaning

    All the elements together with space ~

    This is your kingdom.

    For just a moment we meditate on unobstructed, pure dharmata

    This experience is vividly real but truly nonexistent, like waking

    from a dream

    To the guru of gurus, uninterrupted consciousness without a reference

    point, I prostrate

    To mind itself, none other than your smiling face,

    I prostrate again and again

    May our minds be inseparable, like water poured into water.


    Written with longing and one-pointed devotion at Shangri-la in Peacham, Vermont,

    on the 26th day of April, 1987, by a student of the Trungpa Tulku named Osel Tendzin.

    May virtue increase. May all beings attain permanent bliss.




    The Great Being empowered as Karma Chökyi Dawa Legpai Lodrö Ösel Tendzin Chögle Namgyal[1], the Vajra Regent of the great Vajra Vidyadhara Trungpa Chökyi Gyatso, has protected us with great loving kindness. Having been greatly praised with the name Naljor Wangchuk Lhenkye Drupe Dorje[2] by the Supreme Lord of Refuge Khyentse Wangpo, who was the crown ornament of the ancient teachings, he kindly bestowed upon us the essence of all the satdharma taught by the Buddha.

    In particular he bestowed the ripening abhishekas, liberating instructions, and supporting transmissions for the extraordinary yidam of all the Trungpas of Surmang, practiced as upaya in the form of Chakrasamvara and as prajna in the form of Vajrayogini. May we complete the utpattikrama of this extraordinary yidam. Having accomplished that, may we realize the essential profound sampannakrama – the path of liberation, mahamudra, and the path of upaya, Naropa’s six dharmas. May we fulfill the aspiration of the root guru and greatly please him with the offering of practice. Having fulfilled his intention, may we be accepted by him. Sustained by the amrita of the dharma, may we never be separated from him.

    This aspiration was made by the one called Thrangu Tulku in response the request of the students of the Vajra Regent. May it be accomplished!


    [1] Moon of Dharma Excellent Intellect Radiant Holder of the Teachings Victorious in All Directions

    [2] Lord of Yogins Vajra Who Accomplishes Coemergence



    By this merit, may all attain omniscience.

    May it defeat the enemy, wrongdoing.

    From the stormy waves of birth, old age, sickness, and death,

    From the ocean of samsara, may I free all beings.

    By the confidence of the golden sun of the great east,

    May the lotus garden of the Rigden’s wisdom bloom.

    May the dark ignorance of sentient beings be dispelled.

    May all beings enjoy profound brilliant glory.


    I, Gyurme Chokyi Gyatso, when tormented by sudden illness and obstacles, made this request for aid from the kind guru, writing it at the Kalapa Court on the thirteenth day of the sixth month (1981). May the benefit be accomplished according to my wish.

    Translated by the Nalanda Translation Committee.