Session 3: Shamatha/Vipashyana followed by Protector's Chants

    The audio recording is of 30 minutes of shamatha/vipashyana meditation followed by the protector's chants.



    From glorious Mount Malaya,

    From the red field in the blood lake Koka,

    From the charnel ground of Matram Rudra,

    I invite the great protector.

    Like a rain cloud adorned with lightning,

    Please enter this place of practice.


    The vajra mahakala

    Is savage and terrifying.

    Holding a hooked knife with your first right hand,

    Holding a skull cup of blood with your first left hand,

    Brandishing a sword with your second right hand,

    Thrusting a khatvanga with your second left hand,

    You, the warrior with a tiger skin round your waist,

    Are surrounded by your retinue, with the Raven-Headed One among them.

    In accordance with your vajra oath

    Proclaimed before the great Trungpa, Kunga Namgyal,

    At the hermitage of Dorje Khyung Dzong,

    Protect the heart teachings of the Kagyu.

    The evil beings with two tongues who pervert the dharma

    And delight in disrupting the teachings~

    Eat them as your food, O black protector.

    By the fierceness of your compassionate wrath,

    Instantly accomplish the karmas

    Of pacifying, enriching, magnetizing, and destroying.

    Lead the faithful holders of the Practice Lineage

    To the state of Vajradhara.



    Vetali, Vetali, life, life! The devi with one face and four arms, riding on a donkey with a white blaze, approaches and accepts the offering.


                           Protector and friend of the yogin,

    Guardian of the Practice Lineage,

    You enjoy drinking the blood of ego.

    Your sword cleaves the heads from the destroyers of the teachings.

    Holding the mirror which reflects the three worlds,

    Brandishing the phurba, you fulfill all actions,

    You ride on a donkey with a white blaze.

    As day dawns, you guard the meditator.

    As night falls, you cut the aortas of the perverters of the teachings.

    You send out a million emanations.

    As our mother, sister, and maid,

    Please look after us of the lineage of Marpa the Translator.

    Accept this amrita, blood, and torma as token of samaya.

    Fulfill the actions of the four karmas.

    This was written by Chokyi Gyatso, the Eleventh Trungpa.

    Translated by the Nalanda Translation Committee.



    The suchness of penetrating, primordial insight

    Arises as the all-pervading essence of everything.

    You, the mother, the great consort Ekajati,

    Creator of samsara and nirvana, please arise from space.



    Before the first kalpa

    The great lord and his consort

    United in mind without meeting.

    On her forehead there arose an iron mole.

    From that, Samantabhadri, protector of mantra,

    Was born with one turquoise lock of hair.

    Then the Lord of Secret

    Appointed her the protector of the seventeen tantras.

    In the castle of cosmic miracles

    Dwells the mother Ekajati,

    Surrounded by a retinue of a hundred thousand mamos.

    Both peaceful and wrathful, she is quick to act.

    She is the queen who rules the three worlds.


    You wear a white cloud as raiment.

    In your right hand is the red heart of the transgressor of samaya.

    From your left hand you emanate in all directions

    A hundred iron wolves as aides.

    The single eye of dharmakaya manifests on your forehead.

    Your single fang pierces the heart of Mara.

    Your single breast nurtures supreme practitioners as your children.

    You are naked but for a tiger skin round your waist.

    When the practitioner is tormented by sloth

    Be an arrow of awareness.

    When the practitioner has lost the way

    Be a torch of meditation.

    When the practitioner is confused by doubt

    Sound the great trumpet of confidence.

    When the practitioner is attacked by enemies

    Be the wrathful, wild protector.

    Protect the teachings of Buddha.

    Cause the domain of the three jewels to prosper.

    Nurture the three sanghas as your children.

    Those who profess the tantras to all,

    Those who display arrogance as dharma,

    Those who have perverted views:

    By the miracles of the wrathful mamo,

    Fiercely seize their hearts with venomous anguish;

    Kill them and lead them to dharmadhatu.


    In the dharmakaya you are self-liberated luminosity.

    In the sambhogakaya you are Vajrayogini.

    In the nirmanakaya you are the mother of all.

    To you, the energy of insight arising from space,

    I make the outer, inner, and secret offerings.

    From the simplicity of bliss and emptiness,

    Into the suchness of the fourth abhisheka,

    Lady of mantra, receive and lead us.





    This was written by Chokyi Gyatso, the Eleventh Trungpa.

                   Translated by the Nalanda Translation Committee.


    Assemblies of oceans of samaya-bound,

    Accept this offering gift of torma.

    May we yogins with our disciples

    Obtain lordship, freedom from disease, long life,

    Glory, fame, good fortune,

    And all great and vast enjoyments.

    Grant us the siddhis

    Of the pacifying and enriching actions and so on.

    Samaya holders, guard us.

    Support us with all the siddhis.

    May there be no untimely death, illness,

    Dons, or obstructing spirits for us.

    May we have no nightmares,

    Ill omens, or bad dealings.

    May the world enjoy peace, have good harvests,

    Abundant grain, expansion of dharma,

    And glorious auspiciousness.

    Accomplish whatever mind desires.

    Translated by the Nalanda Translation Committee.

    This was written by Chokyi Gyatso, the Eleventh Trungpa.

    Translated by the Nalanda Translation Committee.